Abbicen Professional Three Head Grow Light for Plants

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  • 【 3 Heads Grow Lights& Intelligent Time Controller 】 According to different growth needs, 3 light switches and three timers(3H/6H/12H) can be set independent modes, and it can also turn off the timer and keep the light shining until there is no power. Besides, the grow lamp defaults to the latest function setting and will work automatically once the timer is set.
  • 【 Full Spectrum & Intelligent Brightness Adjustment 】Grow light can offer full spectrum from 380 up to 800nm from which plant can absorb all lights it need. It is important for plant to grow better. This grow lamp can meet needs of various of plant growth. LED growing lamp can provide 10 brightness level from 10% to 100% by pressing plus button or minus button. Full spectrum replacing the sun light influences favorably aquatic plants also.
  • 【 144 LED Beads & Friendly For Environment 】Our plant growing light is made of 144 LED beads and the power is 72W, which can provide strong and uniform intensity of light to plants. The plant bulbs are replaceable, so you can replace new bulb instead of buying a new light when the life time of bulb is end. This design is friendly to environment
  • 【 360゜ Flexible Neck & Strong Sturdy Clip 】 This 3 heads grow lamp with 360゜ flexible neck, pretty easy for you clip it anywhere you want and adjust the light which position you want plants to be lighted. This Grow lamp has more larger lighting area that is suitable for whole growth circle.
  • 【 WARRANTY 】If you have any issue, do not hesitate to contact us – your satisfaction is paramount! Plant light also has obtained the certification of FCC, CE and ROHS, so the quality is reliable and deserve your trust.


Grow Light

The Grow Light can be used for food production, plant propagation, indoor gardening, indoor hydroponics and horticultural applications. Keeps your plants more colorful, more compact and improving plants nutrition values & fruits yields, special designed for plants which are lack of sunshine.

612 reviews for Abbicen Professional Three Head Grow Light for Plants

  1. Julie murray

    I like the product, however 1 of the 2 lights I purchased about a year ago stopped working so I just had to replace it

  2. Ashley Taylor

    I love this light! My house has no windows that the sun shines through so it’s really hard to keep my indoor plants alive, this is soo perfect especially since I can move it around plant to plant or room to room. I like starting seeds inside for the spring and summer and this will work just great for that as well. Awesome product, great price!

  3. Victoria Stefanic

    Love that you can swap out the bulbs and don’t have to throw the whole thing away when the bulb goes bad. Also love how it attaches, the length of the arms and the ease of use. Already planning on getting 2 more for the bedroom after I test this one for a few weeks but so far I really love this light.

  4. Lesley Porten

    The instruction manual is horrible – in 60 days It took e 7 days to get the programming correct, and then repeat it.

  5. Kathleen Nacozy

    This light works really well, and I appreciate all its features. Thank you!

  6. Tania Rounds

    Works very well. I like that the lamps are nice and bright and the lamp has a timer.

  7. Michaela Reidy

    I’m currently having trouble with the light timer, the first day it worked fine but it hasn’t come back on since. The buttons will light up but the lights have not come back on.

  8. Ernela

    I like the design and the settings options

  9. Joy Currier

    Great design, I like how portable it is

  10. Jessica Tolbert

    I like the timer functions. The price was good too

  11. Sneha Tripathi

    Plants seem to be growing well so far!

  12. Valentina Lee

    The product has been keeping my plants alive during the summer. After buying more plants, I knew that I needed another light! And the timer allows me to nake sure my plants maintain a schedule for maximum growth.

  13. Patricia Roth

    Works great, distributes light so evenly and warming also. I like that the clamp is adjustable and has padding on it so it doesn’t leave any marks.

  14. Brandon Lane

    Product is great and performs all needs necessary for my application.

  15. Tanya Tarcsay

    Have just opened it up – like the settings and the timer. Hoping use it in my classroom!

  16. Cassandra Moyer

    I just got it but it looks great and I can’t wait to see my plants looking happier

  17. Maggie Carstensen

    So far its great. Works exactly as expected and the quality is really sturdy. Hopefully it will help keep my plants thriving in a spot without much natural light.

  18. Angela Jimena Jimenez

    I like how having can allow me to light plants in different locations

  19. Pamela Berry

    New growth to the plants under these lights!

  20. Marina Lauren Morrison

    It’s cute and easy to set up! I bought 2 different grow lights to match 2 rooms. This one has much stronger arms than the other one I bought from a different brand, so I was pleased that they will stay at the perfect angle to both give light to my seedlings and to avoid glare in my room. I like the different timer settings and the light has a nice warm tone. I have not used it for long enough to see if it works well for my plants but the other reviews seemed to think it works great.

  21. Chau Nguyen

    The timer function is a bit odd with the timer on AND timer off. Unsure if it’ll automatically restart the next day.

  22. Denise Ligons

    I really like the fact that the light bulbs are replaceable. It looks like a perfect product for my needs. I am trying to garden with succulents. Thanks

  23. Will Humphrey

    Good light. Product description says, “clip-on lamp”. This is misleading, as the product uses a clamp instead of a clip to fasten. I can clip onto a hanging plant container. I cannot clamp onto a hanging plant container. This is an important distinction.

  24. Boradette Chhuan

    It is easy to use and the timer function is very useful.

  25. John Henry

    It was easy to set up. The light it gives off is also pleasant color. I just set it up in my office. It gives a nice light quality to my plants and surrounding areas.
    It is too early to tell if my plants like it, but I do.

  26. Bree Lutzow

    Instructions in manual aren’t clear. It’s confusing what each button does.

  27. Brayan Tovar

    Efficient and easy to move around if needed

  28. Brooke Bartlett

    Only just received light. Love it so far. Got it to give my succulent plants better light during the winter months.

  29. Marilou Ulloa

    Very helpful especially if you have limited sunlight

  30. Eunice Edwards

    So far I love the light, the brightness levels and the timer are great

  31. Amber Kent

    I’m really hopefully for this product. Hope it doesn’t kill my plants.

  32. Michael Nelson

    The controls are very flimsy, we had to replace our lamps.

  33. Teresa DiMillo

    Thanks it works for the short winter days to add more light to my houseplants

  34. Alicia Mackenburg

    This light is perfect for the space my plants are in.

  35. Jennifer Miller

    I have just opened it up to use on my succulents , so far it is going well Everything is intact and your company is offering a 3 in 1 meter to help judge the health of my plants.

  36. gabrielle lommel

    I’ve only been using this for about a week now and I can already tell a difference in my plants! They’ve perked right up — my apartment doesn’t get a lot of sunlight in the winter. buy it, you won’t regret it!!!!

  37. Melissa Reed

    So far so good, I am using this in my office so I can have more plants in my therapeutic space. As a therapist i find I needed a little more calm.

  38. Norma Castanon

    It looks great! If reviews are true, this should make my plants very happy. : )

  39. Siobbhan Kelly

    Ease of set up. I haven’t used it more than a day but am excited to give my plants more light

  40. Lisette Carlos

    I like it but at the same time I think the light looks too yellow I thought it was going to be daylight

  41. Mante Baliutaviciute

    I like that you can adjust the lamps, can place them closer farther or on angles however you need the light. Easy to clip to chairs or tables or whatever set up you have. Pretty user friendly. Set it and forget it

  42. Candice Bailey

    The clamp is no the easiest to use.

  43. Vanessa Oguchi

    I loved that this light has a clamp that you screw on rather than a clip. Seems like it will work on a variety of surfaces. One of my boxes looked ripped and opened that contained a lamp in it but it looks like it has been fine. I’m also happy that this is not a fluorescent purple light so it doesn’t look crazy in my house.

  44. Rachel Terry

    I like the times on/off setting.

  45. Chris Stephens

    So far so good ! Plant has spruced up already.

  46. Olivia Ivy

    Easy to set up and timer works well. Excited to see the amount of growth I’ll get through the winter months with these guys.

  47. dale Martin

    just got it today so can’t say much yet. so far it came with all the parts and was easy to assemble and affix to a shelf. lights seem bright, using it on a huge boston fern that’s came in from the porch for the winter and is dying because no window big enough for it. only issue was the box came with NO receipt or packing slip, and NO TAPE anywhere, flap was partially open and one end of box was ripped open. very glad lamp was all there!!!

  48. Oksana Kuzmenko

    Convenient, portable grow lights

  49. Rosanna

    Nice bright light. Plants love it!!

  50. Aroa pascual

    Really practical I got it for my plants at work and everyone love it

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