Abbicen Professional Three Head Grow Light for Plants

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  • 【 3 Heads Grow Lights& Intelligent Time Controller 】 According to different growth needs, 3 light switches and three timers(3H/6H/12H) can be set independent modes, and it can also turn off the timer and keep the light shining until there is no power. Besides, the grow lamp defaults to the latest function setting and will work automatically once the timer is set.
  • 【 Full Spectrum & Intelligent Brightness Adjustment 】Grow light can offer full spectrum from 380 up to 800nm from which plant can absorb all lights it need. It is important for plant to grow better. This grow lamp can meet needs of various of plant growth. LED growing lamp can provide 10 brightness level from 10% to 100% by pressing plus button or minus button. Full spectrum replacing the sun light influences favorably aquatic plants also.
  • 【 144 LED Beads & Friendly For Environment 】Our plant growing light is made of 144 LED beads and the power is 72W, which can provide strong and uniform intensity of light to plants. The plant bulbs are replaceable, so you can replace new bulb instead of buying a new light when the life time of bulb is end. This design is friendly to environment
  • 【 360゜ Flexible Neck & Strong Sturdy Clip 】 This 3 heads grow lamp with 360゜ flexible neck, pretty easy for you clip it anywhere you want and adjust the light which position you want plants to be lighted. This Grow lamp has more larger lighting area that is suitable for whole growth circle.
  • 【 WARRANTY 】If you have any issue, do not hesitate to contact us – your satisfaction is paramount! Plant light also has obtained the certification of FCC, CE and ROHS, so the quality is reliable and deserve your trust.


Grow Light

The Grow Light can be used for food production, plant propagation, indoor gardening, indoor hydroponics and horticultural applications. Keeps your plants more colorful, more compact and improving plants nutrition values & fruits yields, special designed for plants which are lack of sunshine.

612 reviews for Abbicen Professional Three Head Grow Light for Plants

  1. Tyler Van Dresar

    I think the clip on design is really useful, and the lighting controls are helpful.

  2. McKenzi Heidle

    It’s great! It is much more aesthetically pleasing than the purple lights that I usually use. They are bright and make my plants easier to see while also helping them grow. I definitely recommend these!

  3. Hannah Sanchez

    The light was delivered today, therefore I have not been able to test the light completely, but the fixture seems sturdy enough. The lights are bright and I like the multiple programs, especially the option to select how many lights are on at a time. I can’t wait to see if it will help my little plants grow!

  4. Mariah Buck

    Very easy to use, I bought this for my indoor aloe plants that were not getting enough light. I have this lamp clipped to a shelf and have a light bent to each one. It reaches my plants and they are loving it! I reccomend this lamp because of the ease of adjustment and the timer, not to mention the great price.

  5. Ang Barragan

    Only thing that I see as an issue is necks dont stay in place easy. Takes a bit of manipulation to get them to really in the position you want

  6. Jennifer Price

    It fits/clips perfect to any surface where my plants are. I like the timer. The style of the light too.

  7. Pamela Tune

    Very nice design and function. The quality looks great. Time will tell if my Succulents like it!

  8. Christine Chen

    reasonably priced and worked fine

  9. Rus Sadykov

    The grip of the device is fairly convenient. The lights themselves turned out to be smaller than I expected, and the intensity of the light decreases with distance very fast. Overall the grow light looks good and works fine.

  10. Freddie Burgos

    The product is for me so not really likely to share it. Eveything works and i see growth in my plants.

  11. Karen Peck

    I love the full spectrum and 3 lights so I can adjust where the light goes. I am using it for emersed plants currently

  12. Samara Penn Savary

    I have just started using my grow light but so far it’s fantastic!

  13. Darby Ferguson

    Just got it today and hooked it up but the size and adjustability is great for what I needed!

  14. Doug McKinney

    So far it’s okay. I don’t like the clamp, though. It’s secure, but it’s difficult to open. Also, the power cord is too short. It’s less than 18inches and I have to get an extension cord just to get to the outlet.

  15. Candice Wooten

    Easy to use and brightness can be adjusted so it doesn’t over power a room.

  16. Stacy Salvadori

    It’s brand new out of box. Have it set up on my houseplants now. Wa t to move it to greenhouse when it warms up outside

  17. Kim

    Great product so far! Love that it has a timer and adjustable light heads. This will be great for indoor gardening and providing light for my plants during the winter.

  18. Jill Beach

    I chose this product to grow lettuce. I picked this particular seller because of great reviews.

  19. Marguerite Perry

    I like that the light is white and not red and blue.


    The product is very well made. The clip is strong, light arms are very flexible. Degree of brightness has a wonderful range.

  21. Andrew Cuff

    It would be nice if there were a way to stand it up without having to clip it to something.

  22. Madeline Jordan

    Its perfect for seed staring in an apartment!

  23. Abigail Steeb

    I haven’t had the lights long but I love them. Easy to use functions with brightness settings, timers, power. It feels sturdy and yet is flexible, the lights stay the direction you put them in. Stoked for my plants!

  24. Vincent Fang

    I love the functions of lighting (+/-) and timing (3,6,12 hrs) controls. It’s very useful and smart. And a big plus that I can turn on/off of each light. I just wish those flexible goosenecks could be a little bit longer.

  25. Allison Armstrong

    I haven’t had it unboxed for longer than a few minutes so I can’t give an accurate review but it seems to work nicely and it was recommended to me.

  26. Minesh Mehta

    I haven’t used it long enough to say whether it’s effective, but so far no reason not to like it! I do wish the cord was longer though.

  27. Brittany Queen

    Love that the clamp is very sturdy. Lights can be arranged however you want them.

  28. Mara Backstrom

    I haven’t tried the scheduling feature yet, but that’s what I’m most excited about.

  29. Marianela Villamayor

    Works well. I like the timer and clip function. It’s easy to install. Maybe a longer arm would be better.

  30. Michelle Kamiyama

    I love the different setting options – number of lights on at a time, timer, brightness. It is so easy to clip on to my shelf for my plants. I don’t have to worry about it falling over.

  31. DonnaMarie C Sayas

    Love the way it looks. Perfect set up for my herbs.

  32. Kati Lohrenz

    I LOVE IT! Going to recommend to my plant group!

  33. Jiahui Wang

    Just started using it. It looks great right now. I’m gonna observe it for a couple of day to see how effective it is

  34. Kelly Scott

    This fits exactly where I wanted it. Love how I can maneuver the arms in place

  35. Geoffrey Johnson

    Haven’t used it for plants yet but I look forward to trying it soon. Turned it on and it works.

  36. Mohamad Kalthoum

    Good stuff
    Nice night. We will see how it will benefit my peppers.
    Thank your

  37. Madison Campos

    These lights are great and work very well to promote plant growth.

  38. Jason Enzenroth

    I love the new upgrade to full spectrum light. It’s very helpful for wintering some of my more light-demanding herbs indoors. The three heads allow me to cover a wide area. The timer and brightness features are a nice touch for such an inexpensive device. All in all, it’s an awesome product.

  39. Annie Schnackenberg

    Looks well made! I like how heavy it is, and how long the lamp arms are. I can use it for several plants at a time

  40. regis signor

    the product looks like the be very well build, nice grip at the clamp, lights are very strong.

  41. Randy Leonard

    Product works as described..would buy again

  42. Michael Young

    I have not used it yet but it seems like what I wanted and expected. Hoping it serves its purpose.

  43. diana rothang

    The clip on design makes it easy to move to different plants throughout the house , and the three lights on one item save me space because I only have to use one light. I love the programmable feature is great !

  44. Dylan garcia

    It is very great and reliable. I love the product and the shipping was only one day.

  45. Ricardo Claros

    Clip is well made. I appreciate the all in one feature where the buttons are on the clip and easily accessible. Would definitely buy again.

  46. Aimee Stinnett

    Great product! Works very well. I love the timer option and that you can change the brightness level

  47. Olivia Faulkner

    It was a gift for Christmas. I love it so far.

  48. Saydee South

    I got this for Christmas and I love it

  49. Miles Ingwers

    Just received, seems great. Very simple to use. I would like to know the PAR output as well.

  50. Seth Rojello Fernandez

    It’s a solid product so far. The clip feels very durable and the lights are bright so hopefully they are working. I really like the built in timer option.

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