Abbicen New 5 in 1 Men’s Trimming Grooming Kit

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  • 5 in 1:This Man’s Grooming Kit including a hair clipper,hair trimmer, nose trimmer, shaver and precision trimmer.
  • Multi-functional:Come with 4 haircut(3/6/9/12mm) and a long hair comb positioning combs-Trim your hair to exactly the length you want, by locking in the setting that suits your desired look .
  • Waterproof and rechargeable: All trimmer blades are washable, but please don’t put the whole motor body into water. About 60 minutes continuous runtime under fully charged with 2 hour charging time.
  • Charge the appliance in 2 different ways:The dock keeps beard trimmer always ready to go, there was nothing worse with your previous trimmers than finding them with no charge and having to wait for them to be ready. Or you just can insert the appliance plug directly into the appliance.
  • Warranty:2 Year Guarantee for hair clipper! Just contact us if you are not satisfied and we will help you to slove it.


This Abbicen hair trimmer is designed for a cleaner trimming experience, provides maximum versatility for the exact style you want.
The trimmer’s tempered steel blades will never break, dull or rust and the guards are reinforced to prevent bending or buckling while you trim. All the attachments are washable.

★Hair Clipper
Use the clipper with 4 haircut positioning combs can easily adjust the combs to the proper height to complete your style and get clean

★Hair Trimmer/Vertical trimmer
The body trimmer delivers all your personal grooming needs and will keep you trim and tidy at all times

★Precision Trimmer
The titanium blade technology,defines bpth straight or curved lines and edges

★Micro Shaver
Trim your beard to exactly the length you want, by locking in the setting that suits your desired look and sharp lines around the edges of your beard,also can complete hair removal, including a comprehensive clean shaving, armpit, hand, bikini line, legs and soles

★Nose/ear trimmer
Remove unwanted nose and ear hair, make you feel easily and comfortably.

★Head Cutter Washable
Simply rinse the blades and combs after each use for long-lasting performance.

★Safe for All Skin Types
These precision men’s trimmer blades are made from highest quality, stainless steel for strength, durability and irritation-free trimming on even the most sensitive skin.

Accessories: 1 x Hair Clipper
4 x Haircut Limit Combs
1 x Hair Comb
1 x Vertical Trimmer
1 x Nose/Ear Trimmer
1 x Micro Shaver
1 x Precision Trimmer
1 x Adapter
1 x Clean Brush
1 x Charge Base
1 x Mannual
1 x Beard Shaping & Styling Tool
Notice:Please read the instruction carefully

505 reviews for Abbicen New 5 in 1 Men’s Trimming Grooming Kit

  1. nazir rakhimov

    very good product,ill liked very much

  2. Scottie Reeves

    Does what it was made to do lots of attachments

  3. Patricio Oyarzun

    I does a great job. I tried once so far and I was able to do a great job with my beard

  4. Diego Ortega

    It could be a better product, the design is very nice but the material is different, I wish it had more power

  5. John Maas

    Great product and lots of trim accessories.

  6. Kasim ismail

    Absolutely wonderful for its price

  7. Andrew Kavcsak

    I am very impressed with the quality, look, and functionality of this shaver. I greatly appreciate all of the extra items /accessories that came with it. I also love the fact you can wash/rinse it off in water to keep it clean.

  8. David Campbell III

    Please dont make me enter at least 60 characters. I just got this for my birthday and want the warranty. Thanks, have a nice day, I’m sure your product is great

  9. Aung Thiha Kyaw

    I’d rate it at somewhere between “just so so” and “I like it.”

    As a first time electric trimmer user, it took me a bit of time to figure out how to get the best outcome and figure out what blades and guards to use to get an ideal experience. So far, I’m mildly positive about it. I’m still getting used to the products but I am not completely satisfied with the guard length choices that I have with this product (I want a shorter guard length/size to have a closer trim). Still, since it’s a fair price and does its basic functions nicely so I’m not complaining much.

  10. Allan coutinho

    Nice product. Highly functional and worth the price.

  11. Zack Wright

    I love that it comes with a nice display tray. The charge time is excellent, feels like I could shave for hours and it’d work just fine. I also like that it came with various attachments.

  12. Beth O’Riley

    Very good product & love all the attachments with the holder.

  13. Edward Sweeney

    I really love the charger/holder it saves space and it’s functional.

  14. Gregory E Gardner

    Received as gift. Have not yet used it

  15. Tom Jensen

    This is the second one I have order, The first is about 2 years old and is at my other home.

  16. joseph cruz

    i like the technology and the lifetime warranty, if you could find a way to increase battery time and decrease charging time without compromising siize that would be awesome but all in all very satisfied with product. thank you

  17. Vangel borden

    I love this product, the blades and many attachments are amazing! It works wonders.

  18. Richard Stracner

    Great product. Seems to work as expected. Nicely packaged. Will buy from company again in the future.

  19. Lauren Vaughn

    Love it so far! Lots of options. Charged really fast. Great price and great customer reviews. Husband had this one before and loved it.

  20. Elisha Wood

    Looking forward to trying it. Glad to see it has such a great warranty!

  21. Anthony Owsley

    It does everything as described. Gives a clean shave. Edges wonderful trims and grooms as suggested. The ear and nose hair attachment works better than I expected

  22. Kit M Myer-Post

    Great product, needed replacement for Remington. Like the eyebrow attachment.

  23. Carl F Toups

    Love the QUALITY OF SET. Tray is awesome for keeping everything in one place. Attachments all fit a work perfectly. Great price for functionality and form. Will HIGHLY RECOMMEND AND WILL BUY AGAIN. GREAT PRODUCT.

  24. Zach Lyons

    Just got it so not sure how it will operate, seems like a good value for the money I just hope the battery life is good

  25. Robert Bickes Jr

    Interesting interesting interesting interesting interesting interesting interesting

  26. Joshua Vander Bol

    I love it. It works perfectly. It leaves no cuts and makes me feel so much better.

  27. Frederick A Stone

    Just used if or the first time. Fantastic, well built! Easy to use and does a good job

  28. Pat McNellis

    Happy with it after two uses. Seems to be good value for the price.

  29. Nicholas Papakyrikos

    I like this product very much. the price was very good and I also like the blue LED light.

  30. Brendan Hilsey

    Just received this product but am impressed already after first use. Would definitely recommend

  31. Alejandro

    Great functions, also very efficient!

  32. Michael Stang

    To early to tell – not that impressed so far after a couple days..

  33. Michael Garrett

    Very well built product with many options to trim beard and body. Very happy with purchase.

  34. Joanne Rivera

    I like that everything is conveniently in one component. Cordless and the wet/dry use is most helpful . Holds a 60 minute charge and the recharge time is only 2 hours . A great price Would recommend.

  35. carlos godoy

    excellent producto la mejor de todas. muy buena calidad y muy practico

  36. Zulema De La Garza

    I love the trimming aspect no snagging of hair.

  37. Edward Becker

    I’m just getting used to it; but so far it seems very useful and precise.

  38. Mike Levandoski

    Nice looking packaging; all the right tools/accessories; looks attractive; the best warranty!!

  39. Carlos Martinez

    Sturdy and light easy to use.

  40. Glenn Madison

    The biggest impression I had when first using your product was how effective, versatile and build quality it turned out to have for such a competitive price.

  41. William T. Kyes

    Easy to use. Fires well in hand. Lightweight. Well organized stand. Cuts great.

  42. zeudi lees

    so far so good so far so good so far so good
    so far so good so far so good so far so good
    so far so good so far so good so far so good

  43. Chris Lundquist

    I like the product so much that we purchased the same one for two of our sons.

  44. C.J. de Dios

    Works well. I like the multiple heads. It’s very versatile

  45. Michael randazzo

    Very good product and cuts very precisely

  46. Kenneth Berggren

    Great features and a lifetime warranty

  47. Vito Randazzo

    I’m amazed at how well it works and that it is affordable. One of the best trimmers I’ve used on my beard and chest.

  48. Roderick Pugh

    I love this product because it comes with everything you need to groom yourself. All of the components is very easy to change and clean. Most of all I love the lifetime warranty that comes with my groom kit, that tells let me know that this company has confidence in this product. Thanks you so much.

  49. Timothy Lorang

    So far it looks very good, versatile and easy to use. The charging cradle seems to hold everything nicely. The last one I had everything would fall out of the cradle at the slightest bump.

  50. Paul He

    I tried the product as soon as it was unpacked to trim my beard. It worked better than anything that I’ve used before. It’s so handy sitting on my bathroom sink to use.

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