Abbicen New 5 in 1 Men’s Trimming Grooming Kit

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  • 5 in 1:This Man’s Grooming Kit including a hair clipper,hair trimmer, nose trimmer, shaver and precision trimmer.
  • Multi-functional:Come with 4 haircut(3/6/9/12mm) and a long hair comb positioning combs-Trim your hair to exactly the length you want, by locking in the setting that suits your desired look .
  • Waterproof and rechargeable: All trimmer blades are washable, but please don’t put the whole motor body into water. About 60 minutes continuous runtime under fully charged with 2 hour charging time.
  • Charge the appliance in 2 different ways:The dock keeps beard trimmer always ready to go, there was nothing worse with your previous trimmers than finding them with no charge and having to wait for them to be ready. Or you just can insert the appliance plug directly into the appliance.
  • Warranty:2 Year Guarantee for hair clipper! Just contact us if you are not satisfied and we will help you to slove it.


This Abbicen hair trimmer is designed for a cleaner trimming experience, provides maximum versatility for the exact style you want.
The trimmer’s tempered steel blades will never break, dull or rust and the guards are reinforced to prevent bending or buckling while you trim. All the attachments are washable.

★Hair Clipper
Use the clipper with 4 haircut positioning combs can easily adjust the combs to the proper height to complete your style and get clean

★Hair Trimmer/Vertical trimmer
The body trimmer delivers all your personal grooming needs and will keep you trim and tidy at all times

★Precision Trimmer
The titanium blade technology,defines bpth straight or curved lines and edges

★Micro Shaver
Trim your beard to exactly the length you want, by locking in the setting that suits your desired look and sharp lines around the edges of your beard,also can complete hair removal, including a comprehensive clean shaving, armpit, hand, bikini line, legs and soles

★Nose/ear trimmer
Remove unwanted nose and ear hair, make you feel easily and comfortably.

★Head Cutter Washable
Simply rinse the blades and combs after each use for long-lasting performance.

★Safe for All Skin Types
These precision men’s trimmer blades are made from highest quality, stainless steel for strength, durability and irritation-free trimming on even the most sensitive skin.

Accessories: 1 x Hair Clipper
4 x Haircut Limit Combs
1 x Hair Comb
1 x Vertical Trimmer
1 x Nose/Ear Trimmer
1 x Micro Shaver
1 x Precision Trimmer
1 x Adapter
1 x Clean Brush
1 x Charge Base
1 x Mannual
1 x Beard Shaping & Styling Tool
Notice:Please read the instruction carefully

507 reviews for Abbicen New 5 in 1 Men’s Trimming Grooming Kit

  1. Jaime Rodriguez

    For the price, it does a fantastic job! Not the closest cut ever but pretty darn close. I have coarse hair so it’s hard for me to find a trimmer that gives a close cut but this does the job.

  2. dj jinwala

    this first time i buy this trimmer so far i like it i dont know how long it going to work also it good price

  3. Helga O’Brien

    Very nice quality product that works well without any issues. Well packaged too!

  4. Brandon Umansky

    I bought this because there was not a single bad review and all good reviews and my first impression. Of it confirmed why it was like that. It looks great, it was very inexpensive, and came with so many different parts that have so many different uses thank you

  5. Justin Winkelspecht

    Love it. Great product design. Thank you. Less work. Fffffffdfddddddddffffffffffffffffffffffff

  6. Malibu James

    Works great and love the stand it came with. Lots of great functions!

  7. Chris M Garcia

    Great product. Works as described. Will update after further use.


    Showedbup earlier than expected and performs to standard. Also doesnt heat up as quickly as other blades i’ve used

  9. Gerron Overstreet

    I used 3 of the different attachment heads and they all worked really well. I love the easy use base that stores the heads and clipper guards. The product is light weight and easy to use.


    The design is fantastic and the quality Superior

  11. Benjamin Landry

    The design is nice. I like that it’s light. The battery could last longer, but it’s good enough. I like how the attachments are removed and attached.

  12. Frederick Woodside

    Love the versatility and cuts pretty good

  13. Mackenzy Jose

    They do cut good and they are easy to use trust me I recommend this product

  14. Gary Roberts

    great set of accessories and easy to use. Love that you can recharge in the stand, no batteries!

  15. G Stark

    Smart packing, nice design. The clipper feels sturdy and easy to use. The on/off button is convenient and I like the cradle and attachments. Switching attachments is easy. The unit is quiet compared to other clippers I have used. So far so good. I would recommend this product.

  16. Dan Camilli

    Great product! Definitely recommend for a good, close shave. Comes with multiple attachments to make sure you can get all areas needed.

  17. Johnny Gonzalez

    Works great, fits nice in my hands, not noisy, and cmes with a nice set of attachments. Lifetime warranty is always a sign of confidence of the product the company is selling, for me.

  18. Gray Handlon

    It’s good. I have used better but this is a good trimmer for the money.

  19. William Wilkie

    This is my second Abbicen groomer. I had left my first one at a hotel while on vacation, I liked it soooo much I replaced with this second order.
    Thanks for making such a great product!

  20. Christina Lynn Bexley

    Works very well and I love all the parts! My husband looks fabulous!

  21. Jon Heath

    I love that it has a charging station. Battery life is great.

  22. Andy Massey-Duvall

    I love the tool options and the compact stand that houses all the accessories.

  23. Andrew Doan

    Works as advertised. Has all accessories that I need and it’s easy to use. It’s kit is organized for easy access on all accessories.

  24. Paul A Glazewski

    Good clippers. I have only used them once but they seem nice

  25. Sharon Moody

    I love it. Very close shave and I love all the attachments and the stand to put it all in. Its really a great product. I will definitely tell my friends and family about this product.

  26. Sue Y Williams

    So far it’s been great.. I’ve only had it for about a week. I bought it for my husband to encourage him to trim his beard more often !

  27. Tyler M Kalman

    I haven’t used it yet but look forward to doing so. Thank you for your time.

  28. keith wenger

    Great versatile product. Able to use every day. Would recommend to anyone

  29. Miko Reyes

    The items are great. Beat electric shaver I have ever owned. Must have!

  30. Johnny Mejia-Fuentes

    It does a fine job. Doesn’t nick the hair as often so that’s a good sign. I’ve only used it twice but the have done an amazing job. The trim job I amazing although I haven’t used the ear and nose trimmer because I have no use for it. But other than that, the Abbicen product works amazing!!!.

  31. Alex Geniaux

    it works super well. I like the set up and the quality of it. cuts my hair really easily

  32. Ashley Hicks

    It’s a wonderful product def for the price

  33. Paul Austin Sweatt

    I got the product as a Christmas present from my parents. Tried it out that day because I needed a shave badly that day. tried all the head bits except for the body hair trimmer head and the nose hair. all parts worked well. love using it

  34. angel

    Pretty cool design nice price and pretty good quality overall

  35. Crystal Bailey

    I just got it today and so far so goo

  36. Tracy Douglas

    I only just got it, so I have not got to really use it yet. However, it looks like it is good quality And has many options to use. I think I will really like it as long as it holds up good.

  37. Jody Turnbaugh

    Thank you for being a blessing! I’m a wife and mother of eight, five of which are boys that I cut their hair! Thank you for a super product! May the Lord bless you richly in Christ Jesus!!

  38. Allison Williams

    I love it. Glad to have a multifunction shaver that is durable and waterproof

  39. Joseph Correll

    Honestly a beautiful set. The charging base is a major plus and has many essentials for beard trimming and hair grooming.

  40. James Fein

    I like the multiple functions and the precise sharpness of the blade. Also good that it is cordless but rechargeable.

  41. Mark L. Helms

    This is a Nice item and the lifetime warranty is a must.

  42. Brian Herring

    Very well built and excellent accessories to use.

  43. Daniela Paz

    Very good price with so many attachments. Would recommend to others

  44. Mikel Ingram

    I love it. I love it.I love it.I love it.I love it.I love it.I love it.I love it.I love it.I love it.I love it.I love it.I love it.I love it.I love it.

  45. Abdullah Bilal

    This trimmer is very versatile and functional. I really like this product. I will definitely recommend this product to other people.

  46. Corey Erny

    Just opened but seems to be good quality.

  47. JOSE LUIS Cordova Cardenas

    excellent product I am happy with it

  48. Alex Vu

    Absolutely love the product. Purchased as a gift and works as expected.

  49. Adrian Casados

    Received as a gift and love it

  50. Katrina Halverson

    Havent used it yet so really cant tell you anything now. I want to register warranty and try to get free gift which wont take

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