Abbicen Professional for Dogs Cats Pets with 4 Attachment Guide Combs and Scissors

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  • 【5-Degree Tunable BLADE & 4 Guide Combs】Mobile titanium blade is adjustable ranging from 0.8mm-2mm(0.8mm, 1.1mm, 1.4mm, 1.7mm, 2.0mm) for slight adjustment on hair length,and 4 attachment guide combs(3mm,6mm,9mm,12mm) make it easier and safer to operate even for new user.
  • 【All Pet Grooming Tools included】 This grooming set contain everything you need to groom your pet at home. such as rechargeable pet clipper, 4 guide combs(3/6/9/12mm), stainless steel scissor, stainless steel comb, nail clipper, nail file, USB adapter, USB cable,cleaning brush etc.
  • 【Quiet Operation】Precision motor, low vibration and ultra quiet design. Working noise lower than 50 DB, you can groom your dogs or cats yourself with ease
  • 【USB Rechargeable and Cordless】The clippers has a built in Li-ion battery, comes with a USB cable and USB adapter. 3 hours charging for sustain 4 hours working, you can groom dogs outside and not worry an extension cord.
  • 【Warm Tips】We suggest you use the scissors to cut the long hair before trimming hair with the clippers. The grooming effect will be better. Please clean the hair frequently during use the clipper with attachment comb to prevent hair clog.


Product description

Abbicen dog grooming clippers kit contain everything you need to groom your pet at home. No more expensive bills for pet grooming and you can do it in an easy’s very useful both in home and profession salon use!

Warm Tips: ✔Please wash the dog’s hair and keep them dry before trimming
✔We suggest you use the scissors to cut the long hair before trimming hair with the clipper. The grooming effect will be better.
✔Please clean the hair frequently during use the clipper with attachment comb to prevent hair clog.

Features: ✔Low Noise, Low Vibration
✔5 length fine-tuning knob for blade (0.8mm/1.1mm/1.4mm/1.7mm/2.0mm)
✔4 guide combs included(3/6/9/12mm)
✔USB Rechargeable: USB Power Adapter +USB cable.
✔Stainless Steel fixed blade + Ceramic movable blade.
✔Rechargeable Battery & Fast Charge & Intelligent Charge Protection.
✔Built in Li-ion Battery, 3hrs charge with 240 minutes long time power supply, perfect for long time grooming work.

Specifications: ✔Built-In Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
✔Stainless-Steel Bottom Blade
✔Charge Time: 3 Hours
✔Run Time: 4 Hours
✔Input Power: 100V-240V 50/60Hz

188 reviews for Abbicen Professional for Dogs Cats Pets with 4 Attachment Guide Combs and Scissors

  1. Mary Reves

    So far so good. It works great. Its quiet and gets the job done. Pets I groom are calmer. And cuts are even.

  2. shawnee zhao

    It’s pretty quiet so my puppy didn’t scared much of it,better than I thought.

  3. Carmen Alicea

    Is to use, shipped very fast! And works great

  4. Nilda Perry

    We used the clippers on my pups who’ve.been long due for grooming. I decided to try and groom them by myself and I’m quite surprised on how quiet and smooth the clipper was. My pups would always make a fuss on the vibrations but they didn’t seem to be bothered at all. Overall, I’d say this was a great product and a bang for your buck!

  5. Jessica Barnes

    I absolutely like the dog clippers, light weight and extremely quiet. I would buy again and recommend

  6. Esteban Padilla

    Like it, very simple to use and works great with pets. No issues, easy to use.

  7. Y. Ma

    The clipper runs over the fur but does not really cut it. I will have to give it another try to see if it improves.

  8. Alma Rodriguez

    I love it, Im use today for the first time and I Relly love it, quite and easy to cut

  9. Crystal Dominguez

    I just started using it & im loving it so far

  10. marisol echeverria diaz

    This is my first time using it and as soon as i opened the package and saw the equipment i was already in love with the fact that its cordless! Very easy to use and works beautifully!

  11. Ariana Thomas

    I love this product. It cuts the dogs hair very smoothly and easily and it comes with so much for a very affordable price

  12. Donald Merriam

    Easy to use, quiet and it doesn’t bother my sensitive dog.

  13. Jesse D Capes

    I opened the box and it was nice to see that the clippers even came with a wall charger as some companies do not provide those. The overall size and feel of the clippers is nice and lightweight. The dial to adjust the blade length is amazing. I was pretty impressed that the kit has everything needed to groom one’s pet without having to go buy other equipment as well.

  14. Whitney Smith

    Professional dog grooming at home! Very quiet and portable. My doodle is afraid of everything and she lets me use these clippers on her! I do wish you could purchase additional comb attachments for a little longer trim. But these are definitely a great purchase at a really great price!!

  15. TC Dang

    Good for the price , cutting is OK , bonus gift

  16. Anna

    I love this product. I was not expecting these clippers to work as well as they do for the price!

  17. Spencer Davis

    Thank you! Great product for the price!

  18. Lisa Montgomery

    I like that the noise is low so it does not scar my new puppy. Also, it trims nicely. The plus with the great function was that it came with the comb and scissors. Thank you I’m very satisfied.

  19. Jessica Humphreys

    I got this to groom my malti poo. Good quality for a reasonable price . I like that it has everything I need to groom my dog. It is quiet so it doesn’t scare him. This is the first set of pet clippers I have owned . I hope that it lasts a while and that I no longer have to take him to the groomer .

  20. Teresa Aguilar

    This is the best trimmer for less than 20$ come on it works soo well its quiet and does not overheat rechargeable just the best

  21. Susan Winder

    Just what I needed to keep my long hair cat and dog looking cute on a budget.

  22. Lisa L Thompson

    I was very pleased with the product

  23. Mary ragoonanan

    Great product,afforadable,grest design.Perfect for you pet

  24. Carolina Sotelo

    Love it, dog wasn’t nervous at all and is very low noise action which didn’t get dog nervous at all

  25. Valerie Sosa II

    The product is of good quality, better than I expected. Trim my pets very well. I love it.

  26. Vivian orchard

    the one I have is too big for what I need but works great

  27. Rhoda Shaponik

    I charged the clippers and they worked great. Very quiet and my dog was willing to let me clip her with them.

  28. Sandi Stimpson

    Worked very well.. the only thing I wish it did was had a different color light when it was fully charged.

  29. Kathleen Milhoan

    Havent used it yet but it looks like a nice set of clippers

  30. Fatima Robinson

    Love the kit as a whole, that the the trimmer is genuinely quiet and that the whole thing was affordable. I think accessibility is important and this products price and value aligns with that belief.


    Es un excelente producto para uso en el hogar y tiene todo lo que realmente necesito para el grooming de mi mascota.
    Muy bueno y fácil de usar.
    Bien agradecida con el producto y muy buen precio

  32. Angela Lopez

    Omit received it a week ago and i absolutely love it . it males cutting my dogs hair so much easier and they dont seem to mind it either .

  33. Kelly Agpoon

    my poodle loves it she sits still all through the session

  34. Farah Siddiqui

    The product is well designed and I love how it is silent so it doesnt disturb my dog and Benji my dog loves this clipper!

  35. Patricia Vazquez

    I love that the clipper is wireless and quiet

  36. deanna carroll

    The product is lightweight, and easy to use,

  37. Kaylynn Smith

    My long hair cat needs a cut and I’m a beginner so your product is a great find, thank you

  38. Calli Messick

    The clippers cut amazingly on my dogs fur! Super well built and almost noiseless!

  39. Scott Knudsen

    Very nice product, easy to use , handles well. Very quiet and my dog didn’t mind the sound. Would recommend to anyone wanting to trim up their pets.

  40. Hoang Nguyen

    Nice clipper the battery last long time. The extra accessories. was really helpful.

  41. Maria

    This set comes with everything I needed to groom my dog. And it being Cordless, makes it so easy to maneuver around a dog that can’t stay still.

  42. Win Adams

    The product looks like it will fill my needs.

  43. Jennifer Wiegert

    I love how quite the clippers are.!!! My Yorkies don’t get scared anymore when they get their haircuts now!!

  44. Stephanie Parker

    This product was very cheap but it worked great!

  45. Concepcion Rodriguez

    I really the product, the material looks great and I like all the items that comes with it

  46. Donnie Slattery

    Very light weight and quiet. It is easy to hold. Came fully charged. Lots of great useful accessories.

  47. Kelsey Carpenter

    they are low noise and described and they feel really durable and of good quality before even using them. They do not scare my dog and they have nail clippers and great scissors included all for a great price!

  48. Keo Chui

    I like that it is quiet. My dog was scared of loud clipper sounds before

  49. Tisha Mitchell

    Pretty good, quiet and easy to use. A bit small but gets the job done quickly

  50. Xiao Zhang

    Handy, light, and low noise. My dogs are comfortable when I use this to trim their hair. I like that it also comes with a comb and a nail clipper. The feel of the grip is awesome. I like it.

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